JID: Domain or Hostname?

Hi all!

I have the following problem with Openfire 3.7.0-beta:

When xmpp.domain=domain.com (i.e. my domain name), all works pretty good and i find JIDs look fine (login@domain.com), with the exception… of service discover function. It doesnt work at all. When i use xmpp.domain=hostname.domain.com, all works fine, but JIDs are login@hostname.domain.com and my boss said this is not acceptable for our company. Hmm…

I have appropriate xmpp-server and xmpp-client records pointing to hostname.domain.com, i have A-record for conference.domain.com and i have certificates for *.domain.com. So… does anybody knows, what else i need to do? And why Openfire tell me that it listens on domain.com:9090, but actually accept connections on hostname.domain.com:9090?

Does Openfire really make the difference between xmpp.domain and xmpp.fqdn?

P.S. jabber.org uses JIDs=login@jabber.org, but server is hermes.jabber.org, so i suppose that xmpp.domain=domain nor hostname must work in XMPP protocol with DNS SRV records, doesnt it?