Jid-malformed error code 400

we are using Wildfire 2.4.4 for our messaging. On monday we happened to see that the messges to the wildfire got rejected and the error code is 400 and after sometime error code turned to 404.

The message which sent to the jabber server was

31/07/2006 19:07:19 00000010 163c : XMPPS - COPY of client message sent to jabber server

Can anyone explain the reason for this error. We are not finding anything unusual to the jid - ‘‘bingo_multi_server_to_hall@cabingo01/jrpc’’ .

Helps are highly appreciated

Many thanks

Could it be the from=’‘bingo_hall’’?

The bingo_hall alone could be a well-formed jid if it’‘s the domain part of the full node@domain/resource form. But from the returning message to=’‘bingo_hall@cabingo01/jrpc’’, it looks like Wildfire doesn’'t regard it as a server or component, but as a user. I suppose the minimum form of jid allowable for a user is node@domain.

Just guessing.

Thanks for your quick response.

jid = bingo_hall This is a valid point.

It was working perfectly with "from= ‘‘bingo_hall’’ " . All of a sudden this error happened to be appered.

After restarting the wildfire and our servers this seems to be disappeared but I am concerned about this issue and may come back in future also.