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JID migration


I’'d like to know is someone knows a good JID migration tool (to “migrate” to jabber.org to another server for example).


There is indeed.

You can use the User Import/Export wildfire plugin.

Here is the readme:



I was thinking about a more user-centric solution with almost no complicated intervention.

It’'s just to migrate one JID to another, not a bunch of users.


I’‘ve done this really ugly piece of code. It might be full of mistakes, I’'m not really a java dev. I think it would be fine to have this possibility in the Registration plugin for example.

 public static void doMigration(String user1, String password1, String server1, String user2, String password2, String server2) {
 try {
 // Create a connection to the server.
 XMPPConnection con = new SSLXMPPConnection(server1);

 // Create a connection to the second server.
 XMPPConnection con2 = new SSLXMPPConnection(server2);
 try {
 con2.login(user2, password2);
 } catch (XMPPException xe) {
 //if first login failed, try to create an account and then login
 //connection.loginAnonymously(); //tried with and without this line
 System.out.println("Création compte de test");
 AccountManager accountMgr2 = con2.getAccountManager();
 accountMgr2.createAccount(user2, password2);
 con2.login(user2, password2);

 Roster roster = con.getRoster();
 Roster roster2 = con2.getRoster();
 for (Iterator i=roster.getEntries(); i.hasNext(); ) {
 RosterEntry machin = (RosterEntry) i.next();
 if (roster2.getEntry(machin.getUser()) == null) roster2.createEntry(machin.getUser(), machin.getName(), new String[0]);
 System.out.println("Migration JID: " + machin.getUser());
 // AccountManager accountMgr = con.getAccountManager();
 // accountMgr.deleteAccount();
 } catch (XMPPException e) {
 } finally {
 System.out.println("well done");