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Jingle audio .. documentation?

Hello Thiago,

Thanx for reply.

Yes, I am providing full JID. I am calling pathik as pathik@sys29/Spark.

And I double checked that Jingle client 1.0 is installed on spark.

Actually I am able to receive call from spark BUT not able to call spark.

  • Pathik Patel

Now I am able to call spark.

There was small mistake by me in OutgoingJingleSession.

It is working fine.

Thanx for support.

Now I want to make voice chat from Demo to Demo appication. I also try it but I am failed to do so. Can you guide me to do so?

Actually I have one small java application and i want to implement voice chat in it using jingle.

Please guide me

sorry for my poor English.

Thanks in advance.

  • Pathik Patel

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For sure.

Can you open a new topic for that?

Otherwise other people won’'t find what they are looking for with the current topic

Best Regards,