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Jingle client integration in openfire to implement a muAudioConference

For my bachelor thesis i’'m seeking possibilities to build/develop a dynamic voice-com tool that is able to support CS or other pc gamers.

therefore i need a audio stream that comes from the client to a server - there it is mixed with other clients streams and send back to all others - perhaps it’‘ll work without mixing on the server but that’'ll save bandwidth …

so as there is a jingle impl. in smack i’‘m wondering if it’‘s possible just to include smack library and build a new component that uses this lib… or - and that’‘s what i worry about - isn’‘t it possible because smack and wildfire havent the same Classes (names) for Messages and Connections and i can’'t intertwin both class-hirachies ?

i hope my question wasn’'t to confuse an someone can give me an answer

if it isn’‘t clear what i’‘m planning to do tell me and i’'ll try to draw a small sketch