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Jingle: Cutting Edge VoIP

OSCON 2007 is wrapping up and it was a great conference. Yesterday I gave a talk about Jingle, an extension to XMPP (Jabber) that’s primarily used for VoIP. The slides are available on Slideshare (including a link to download the Powerpoint).

At the beginning of the week, we participated in the XMPP Devcon event. Peter provided details about the topics of discussion from day one and day two on his blog.

Nice slides - but a very poor quality. can’t you just give a pdf link, because some slides are simply unreadable.

Am I alone here? I can’t get the SlideShare displayed on IE 7 (Windows). In fact, contents following it won’t show at all. OK in Firefox 2 (Linux).


Click on SlideShare and you will be able to download the .ppt

Matt- great presentation and I’m intrigued by the possibilities. We’re a multi-protocol VoIP shop that’s deeply familiar with the strengths and challenges of SIP. I’d like to experiment with Jingle, but last time I looked (6 months ago), there didn’t appear to be any support in Jingle for network gateways (e.g. SIP/PSTN gateways)- only for Jingle-to-Jingle end-point calls. Has this changed? How would I address a Jingle call such that the proxy delivers it to an external gateway vs another endpoint (e.g. call a PSTN phone number)?



Dan – a few resources you could check out:

  • Asterisk has some Jingle support at this point. I think it would allow gateways.

  • FreeSwitch has Jingle support in its server.

  • The Yate project had some kind of Jingle support.


The presentation was good!

I would like to know the significant advantages XMPP-Jingle can offer over SIP. We have so many call features available for SIP, which are missing from Jingle, as it was initially developed for Voice and Video Chat.

So, why XMPP-Jingle for VoIP not SIP, when both the protocols are text based?