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Jingle firewall configuration problems

Hi everyone:

I have installed the following components:

  1. Wildfire 3.2.4 on a Linux machine

  2. Spark 2.5 on Windows XP

I setup 2 users and now I’'m trying to establish connection between them using the Voice call button on the chat window (guess it is Jingle).

When I click the button the message that appears is:

Calling user. Please wait…

On the other end I got:

Voice Chat Request from…

When the receiver accepts then the message that appears is:

Establishing call.Please wait…

and after few seconds:

Voice Chat ended: No media received. This may be caused by firewall configuration problems.

and on the sender’'s side:

Session closed due to no media received. This may be caused by firewall configuration problems.

I checked the server port 1935 through telnet (I think the one used by Jingle) and seems to be available for use. The 2 clients and server are being run from internal network machines so shouldn’'t be a firewall problem. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?


I had this same thing happen to me at home on my test setup, I went back to 2.5.0 spark thinking it was the problem, but the only way I was able to get around that same EXACT problem was to just create a fresh openfire 3.3.0 server from the ground up, and all went well after that… It was just a test setup so it wasn’'t a big deal to do that. So it seems like it was somehow a problem with the openfire server for me…My problem is that now 2 people jingle each other and they cannot hear each other talking at all…

I got same problems, and how can i resolve it?

Check your windows firewall and antivirus firewalls.

And please check if your router/switch not blocking UDP packets.

Best Regards,