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Jingle Outgoing session error

I have one base stastion and it working on C++, i want make a video call from android phone to base stastion .

but call on reqeust time i got error is


This is my code please check

//To create an Outgoing Jingle Session:

private void Outgoing_call(XMPPConnection x0) {

try {

BasicTransportManager bt = new BasicTransportManager();

mMediaManagers = new ArrayList();

mMediaManagers.add(new MicrophoneRTPManager1(bt, this));

System.out.println(“gnna intialize the new jingle setup”);

ProviderManager providerManager = ProviderManager.getInstance();

providerManager.addIQProvider(“jingle”, “urn:xmpp:tmp:jingle”, new JingleProvider());

JingleManager jingleManager=new JingleManager(x0, mMediaManagers);



JingleSession jingleSession=jingleManager.createOutgoingJingleSession(“babymonitor@lindev/Qxm pp”);

jingleSession.addListener(new BeemJingleSessionListener());


System.out.println(“method finished and jingle sesssion state is =”+jingleSession.getSessionState());

} catch (Exception e) {




//****** creating incoming session…