Jingle question

I believe I am missing the concept and would apprciate ideas that you have. How is Jingle implemented? what I mean is, I have my wildfire server, and I would like to install and implement jingle for wildfire, but I am getting the idea that it might not actually be something I need to install on the server. Can one of you give me an idea of how to implement jingle for voice communications. Not concerned about finding a client yet, need to get a plan on how to install and make it work, first. Any help would be appreciated…



Theoretically, you don’‘t need anything in the server to make Jingle work. It can operate purely client to client. However, there are several things we’'re adding to Wildfire 3.2 to make Jingle work better and more reliably. In particular, a STUN server and media proxy. Look for a blog entry from Thiago about this soon.



i’'m also doing some work on Jingle, can anybody confirm that wildfire3.2 will implement audio transport?

Yes, we’‘re targetting Jingle support. However, I don’'t know what you mean by audio transport.