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Jingle question


iam trying to understand the jingle package supported in smack. i would like to make sure that i understand some concept clearly.

for the resolvers:

iceresolver: is it responsible for decode the public ip address to real one to be used in authentication

what is the use of the fixedresolver?

what is the core class that is responsible for getting the public IP

what i understand is when two clients want to have voice chat they pass their ips to the server which in turn pass those ips to the clients and start the session between them to transmit the voice. so the recieved ip for the client is the global ip which needs to be converted and resolved to a local one. is this the scenario or there is something i don’'t understand

can you plz tell me what is the use of STUN server ?

ICEResolver is a Resolver that has NAT Traversal capabilities.

It uses public IP and local ones. You can find more on ICE RFC and Jingle ICE Extension.

About other Resolvers they are older tha ICE one, but work for some scenerios. But dont use them anymore.

STUN Server is being used to discover public IP for users that are behind NATs.

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