Jingle <-> SIP


As we all know Spark/Wildfire will get some jingle support and even some Sip-Call in the enterprise version which is GREAT!


How about the possibility to LINK a SIP Account to a JID?

Considering that even for the near to midterm future most support calls come in via phone, I wonder how one should handle now two devices, i.e. the hardware phone as well as the headset connected to the PC?

Everybody who uses Skype as well as a normal phone will get the picture I guess…

I’'m thinking about the following scenario:

A Spark user somewhere “calls in via jingle” but WF does not simple route this to my Spark, but instead routes the “call” to a gateway, which in turn rings my phone. If this gateway is a clever one (modern phone system, asterisk, etc.) it could ring all kinds of devices.

Depending on which Jabber/resource is logged in could ring different devices, i.e. Starry/Office rings my extension, but Starry/Mobile rings my cell up until the network and my device is mighty enough to handle a jingle call directly.

A side question: Will I see in my roster, which of my buddies is ready to take a voice call? Same question different style: Can I choose in my Spark whether I want to activate the Jingle part?

Any comments?