JingleManager.createOutgoingJingleSession uses negated condition

Hi all,

I know, it is old and unmaintained, but in the current version of JingleManager.createOutgoingJingleSession a new bug was introduced, which could perhaps be removed again

public JingleSession createOutgoingJingleSession(String responder) throws XMPPException {
     if (XmppStringUtils.isFullJID(responder)) {
         throw new IllegalArgumentException("The provided user id was not fully qualified");

The condition must be negated: The exception shall be thrown if responder is NOT a full JID.

Thanks for reporting this.

It is already fixed in master, not sure if I will apply a fix to the 4.1 branch this it would be not applicable to master.

@Flow- I would to know that when these release will be available with latest changes, because cannot create outgoing call session due to this issue.

Is there any way to resolve this issue?