JIRA: create new issue

Hi all,

I registered with Jira in order to log an issue with Spark, but after successfully doing so, no “create new issue” option is available.

Am I missing something obvious, or are end users not allowed to report bugs within Jira?



End users are not allowed to post new issues, any “issues” should be reported on the forums.

…and should be tagged as bug_report

Then what is the point in exposing JIRA at all? All you are telling end users is “we’re not interested in end users”.

I solved the problem by moving the software to the trash can.

The point of the issue tracker is so that users can keep a track on issues, vote for them and comment them, if anyone could make issues on the Jira think what a mess it would be. The aim of the forums is to try and help users with problems they may face. In the same way the SVN is not ideal to build from as it is for development purposes.