Jitsi Meet plugin for Openfire

The Jitsi project is to introduce a new plugin for openfire called JitsiMeet which is an easy to deploy and configure version of their JItsi Meet OpenSource (MIT) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, scalable video conferences. The new JitsiMeet plugin for Openfire will be supported here at igniterealtime by the Jitsi project directly. This is good news for all of us here at igniterealtime.

So, what happens to the old jitsivideobridge plugin?

The old jitsivideobridge plugin has been deprecated and removed from igniterealtime. The embedded ofmeet and candy webrtc conferencing applications will re-appear in some future plugin later on. Watch this spaceā€¦

good news

It means that jitsi videobridge must run as normal first and then install JitsiMeet later right?

No. It means jitsivideobridge plugin is gone,gone gone. Use new Jitsi Meet or Openfire meetings plugins instead.

It is still under development. It will be available soon

So Jitsi is nice, but have never really been able to get it working using the .jar file from their website.

So I look into the Jitsi Meet plugin. It is not a plugin at all. It is a replacement of converse.js or strophe. It looks like it is now available for download here.

So, anyone have any luck getting Jitsi Meet to work?

yes. my effort is called openfire meetings

And from my testing with it, is SIMPLY WONDEFUL!