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Jitsi plugin in a clustered openfire setup


I have configured an openfire cluster with 2 hosts managed by haproxy. Its been up and running for a month, the version is 3.9.3. The client i use for ubuntu is pidgin. It supports audio/video chat and it works fine too. Most of the users use OSX and i couldnt find a client that supports audio/video chat for OSX.

So i installed jitsi plugin on both the machines and while accessing the machines individually the chat works fine. How can i use haproxy now to manage it as a clustered service? I tried forwarding the requests from haproxy to the openfire servers but all i get is a bad gateway error. In the jitsi config file which domain name should i mention? The haproxy’s name or the openfire server?

. I was wondering when someone would get this far. I haven’t added clustering support to the plugin. Both instances will advertise themselves as the jitis-videbridge.yourdomain.com component causing confusion and some unpredictable results.

It is on my to-do list, but I have not got to it yet

Oops, I thought i was configuring it wrong . Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not sure how to proceed now. Do you know any client that supports audio/video chat natively for OSX? I tried installing pidgin via macports. Even pidgin is not supporting audio/video in OSX. I dont know why its so complicated in OSX