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Jitsi Videobridge with Openfire and WebRTC


no, it does not


please help i have project to make visioconference with smartphone using xmpp with browser.
hi, i have problem when i try to connect in OPENFIRE OPENMEETINGS plugin on my smartphone (android 4.4.2).
i use last mozila and chrome borwser but when i try to connect to (http://@ipmyserver:7070/ofmeet) i have on my browser two choices. the first one tell me to continus with openfire but when i clic nothing starts. and the second choices tell me continus with jitsi APK what I don’t want.

but when in try to connect on my PC (windows10) to (http://@ipmyserver:7070/ofmeet) i have a connect normaly to my server xmpp