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Jive 2.2.0 log and possible init bug


I´ve been running jive almost a year now and recently upgraded it to 2.2.0.

I´ve runned mysql script and overwrited the new files.

It´s been running without problem.

In October I´ve stopped mysql forgetting that jive has running

Since it has only some users, I´ve only noticed today.

So far so good…of course jive throw an error stating that theres no db connection.

The problems arise when I tried to start it…

In info.log there´s


2005.09.23 18:24:20 Started SSL (encrypted) socket on port: 5223

2005.09.24 17:35:33 Multi User Chat domain: *********.net

2005.09.24 17:35:33 Jive Messenger 2.2.0

2005.11.17 11:02:55 Found old database schema (2.0). Upgrading to latest schema.

2005.11.17 11:02:56 Server halted


Two things to notice, first that the server stopped due to a mysql connection error, and that is nowhere in this log. Second…Why does he says that "Found old database schema (2.0). Upgrading to latest schema.

" ?

I´ve tried at least to restart jive without sucess, until I discovered the error.

While he was trying to update db the sql connection was being terminated, because of tune i´ve done to mysql.

A word of precaution to whom may cross with this problem, it was this settings "



", that were closing the connection. I had to update them to 180 so the jive could start.

Now that i think probably this settings are incompatible at all because they are closing the server connection…

So, can you check why it is saying that i´ve got an old schema, ?


You must of upgraded asterisk-im from an older release. Asterisk-IM uses Hibernate and Hibernates SQL updating feature. It was attempting to update the database schema automcatically. Usual it will just attempt to update and if it fails it will tell you to update it manually.

asterisk ? I´m talking about jive messenger

All the upgrades were done correctly and running the sql scripts directly.

This happened only after of mysql db went down. Now it´s running without a problem.