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Jive and postgresql don''t work?

I’‘m attempting to install jive messenger 2.1.1 using postgresql as the backend database and I can’'t seem to get it to go. I created the messenger database as specified in the database installation instructions and imported the scheme. I manually connected to the database and there are indeed tables there. After that I connected to the admin console and specified postgressql as the database and filled in the machine name and the database name and then clicked continue and all I get is:

“The Jive Messenger database schema does not appear to be installed. Follow the installation guide to fix this error.”

There is no information in any of the logs either. What’'s missing?

It seems that running the import script a second time creates some more tables. Perhaps there’'s something wrong with the script???

Did you finally find the answer to this? I too am ahving the exact same problem using PostgreSQL 8.0.1 on a W2K server. Jive Messenger installed with no problems using the internal database, but after running the script, I get the same error as you. Anyone here got a fix for this? I re-ran the script, but no workie…

Hey guys,

I just modified the code so we can have more information about the SQL error that is happening. I tried executing the SQL script in my PostgreSQL server under WinXP and it worked fine.

Messenger is trying to execute this query SELECT * FROM jiveID. So you can manually try executing the same query using the same user and password that you specified during the setup.

If you are still having problem try using the latest nightly build (of tomorrow) and see the exception that is happening.


– Gato