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Jive Audit Problem

I’ve found that JiveAudit is wrong to keep records. I’ve noticed that the Jiveaudit have just kept log on jive.audit-20071004-000.log, jive.audit-20071004-001.log and jive.audit-20071004-002.log. When the jive.audit-20071004-002.log has kept until the limit (20 MB or others),it will restat to keep log on jive.audit-20071004-002.log again and the older data on jive.audit-20071004-002.log has lost. I wonder why the log system are not keep the next file to jive.audit-20071004-003.log and jive.audit-20071004-004.log and jive.audit-20071004-005.log and … .

Please help me to solve this problem

This problem I have found since openfire 3.0.0 and now I’m using openfire 3.3.2 on linux Red Rat Enterprise 4.

RAM 4 GB, Java heap size 2600 MB, MySQL 5.0.45-community .

Other Problem When I’ve upgraded to 3.3.3 the characters in message is not correct to another one, it show square character. It seems

the character wrong code.