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Jive Messenger 2.1.1 Does not refresh contacts presence

Hi, I’'ve just configured a Jive Messenger 2.1.1 server on a Slackware 10 box, and choosed Psi 0.9.3 as the client to use it.

So far, all has been working fine, having 120 users talking and sending files perfectly, validating them through SSL, creating shared groups, until the matter that I am posting:

Once that the Psi is open and running, it downloads the roster and gruops that I created on the server, and it shows the contacts that are online at this particular time, for example, if I log in at 9 am, it shows me 30 users online; but, if more users come online after 9 am, this users does not appear as “online” in my roster. Next, I go offline, go online again, and it is in this point when all the users that logged in after 9 am appears.

I have looked in the options of the Psi but I have not found information about this problem; I searched for any similar problems posted in the forums but I did not find it.

Have you bumped with this kind of problem? Is it a problem of the Psi or in the server?

Thank you in advance.

Please upgrade to Jive Messenger 2.1.2. Many shared groups bugs were fixed, which is probably what you’'re running into.



Thank you for your quick reply Matt

Is there a procedure or steps to be followed for the upgrading process? What information should be backedup for not loosing all the groups and users already created?

Thank you.

look here:


Matt, wroot,

Thank your for all the help and advices.

After that I upgraded to version 2.1.2, all the activity in the roster and contacts it is working perfectly, showing the current users and all the status change of them.

Though, I think that the upgrade process should be more well documented, but besides this little detail, Jive Messenger is an outstanding Instant Messages Server, congratulations for this great software :).