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Jive Messenger 2.3.0 - Menus disappearing

I’'m not sure if this has been posted yet, but wanted to let people know:

On my system I’'m running:

-Jive Messenger 2.3.0

-Windows 2000 SP4 (all patches)

-Java Runtime 1.5.0_05

-MySQL 4.1.x

The server works great, however some of the left navigation panels disappear. For example:

If I choose “Server”, and click the “Content Filter” (I do have the most recent plug in), the left navigation panel goes blank & there is a broken image near “Jive Messenger 2.3.0”.

This happens on other screens as well. It’'s easy to work around as all I ahve to do is pick the main group again (i.e. click “Server” again) but wanted someone to be aware.

I’'ve noticed the broken image problem, but this only happens on any page that is powered by a plugin, IE, content filter, pressence service, spark manager.

If you check the image properties, the working images pull from http://host:9090/images/header-help.gif

where the non-working ones try to pull from http://host:9090/plugins/pluginname/images/header-help.gif

A simple re-write to the plugins should be able to fix this.

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