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Jive messenger and Smack - STEP-by-STEP please!

I’ve successfully set up Jive messenger (for windows) v2.2. It works fine. Now I’d like to add ICQ/MSN support. I figured it’s done via Smack library. Ok. Now, can ANYONE PLEASE tell me HOW DO I SET UP SMACK FOR USE WITH JIVE? Not an ‘url slap’, thank you, but a STEP-by-STEP instructions, like

  1. download smack
  2. extract file XXX (there’s a couple of files there)
  3. place extracted file in YYY
  4. write/download a script or whatever
  5. place it in ZZZ
  6. etc

Please! I’ve searched forums on this site up and down and NOTHING. Please help!

Smack is not a transport gateway. So you cant use it for that. Step by step heh? Well, ok, but you will have to find all packages by yourself. I dont have much time right now.

ICQ gateway:

  1. Download Python 2.4

  2. Download Twisted 2.0.1 for py2.4

  3. Download PyICQt 0.6

  4. Install Python 2.4

  5. Put Python to your system path

  6. Install Twisted

  7. Extract PyICQt somewhere on C disk

  8. Edit PyICQt config

  9. tweak pyicqt/src/main.py

  10. launch Jive Messenger 2.2.0 or later

  11. configure external component in Admin Console according your pyicqt config

  12. launch pyicqt

that’'s all i think, for detailed information, and about tweaking main.py:


near the end of first page

search Jive Forum with keywords: PyICQ, PyMSN, transport, gateway, external, etc.