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Jive Messenger Behind Firewall


I am trying to setup a Jive Messenger behind the firewall.

The following two ports are forwarded 5222 & 5223.

The normal connection through 5222 is working just fine but the SSL

connection failed. Is there anything else I should do to make SSL working?

For the 2.2 beta, what ports must be also forwarded to be able to support

the new Server to Server function? ( 5269, 10015)?

Is there anything todo with SSL certificate. I am sure that the SSL is working

just fine in my local network.



Hey Scott,

Could you disable the firewall for a moment and check if secured connections are working. This test may quickly help discard that it’'s not an SSL issue. Opening port 5222 and 5223 should be enough. If you want to be able to access the Admin Console from outside then port 9090 should be opened too. For s2s you will need to open port 5269 and for external components you may need to open port 10015 if you are going to connect an external component from outside your LAN.

Notice that all the above ports are the default ports and may be changed from the Admin Console.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

It’‘s my firewall’'s configuraton issue. After configuring the parameters correctly, everything is working properly including the new S2S support.

I basically configure the following four ports to the machine that is hosting

Jive Messenger.

5222 5223 5269 10015

9090 and 9091 is optional.

There is one issue though, 9091 won’'t work if I use FireFox.



There is one issue though, 9091 won’'t work if I use


The firefox DOES work through 9091.

– Scott


– Gato

Clients behind firewall:

I have setup JiveMessenger to Web Port 80, even with SSL active, so my PSI-clients have no problems coming trough firewalls when they have access to the internet (standard Port 80). Most Admins block Port 5222+5223. Works perfect.