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Jive messenger browser clients?

Hi all,

I have been looking around an free browser based client for Jive Messenger to no avail. Perhaps I want to much!

Can anyone direct me to such a product or advise me of commercial alternatives.



Hey Conor,

What do you mean by a “browser”? If you want to log into the Admin Console you can use any HTTP browser you like. OTOH, if you are looking for connecting to the server with a client you may use the XMPP client of your choice.

You may want to follow this link to see the list of available clients: http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.html. At the top of the page you will find the suggested ones.


– Gato

i think he needs a client working in browser:) i’'m not sure but maybe Lluna is what are u searching for.


i havent tried this client yet:)

and there are more Browser style clients at http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.html but some of them works as go.icq. You can only connect to your account through their web.

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Thanks for the links, yes I was looking for client software like psi, but completely browser based.



have a look at

http://www.olat.org/demo/flash.zip for a develpment version of a flash based client that works with jive. Edit the html file for your needs.




I found Jeti being nice… but not completely browser based…It’'s a applet that react like a standard client…Take a look at it


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Le Produit

I have found yet another solution - http://sourceforge.net/projects/webjabber/