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Jive messenger installation problem

Hello all,

I have recently downloaded the jive messenger_2_1_0 both the exe and rpm files. In windows it installed successfully but in mandrake its giving me an error.


  1. is there any manual for linux how to install/configure it?

  2. I have a small LAN with 4 computers(both linux & win) and in one them I already setup it and created admin and also a user. Now my question is how to connect with that server computer from any of the other 3 pcs?

  3. Is it possible to connect with the server computer from any computer outside the LAN? HOW ?

Thanks in advance.

best regards



you should post the error message and the command you execute to install the rpm package. Maybe there are dependency issues you have to solve bevore installing the package.



Yes… where is the manual for installing in linux… I can only find windows install information…

Is there a linux installation guide…

If not why?