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Jive Messenger on Linux, Fix Notes


I assume the developers read this forum. I thought I’'d contribute the following notes from a week or two ago. These are discrepancies in the config/code for people who are doing the Linux install.

For the record, I installed on Debian. Also, some of the notes might not be relevant if a newer version came out recently.

Jive Messenge Notes on Linux Debian…

-1. Login or sudo to root of course

  1. Perhaps a short explanation regarding the installation of jvm 5.0 (aka 1.5). Make sure you note that Jive Messenger is completely self-contained.

  2. Create a directory ‘’/opt/jive’’

  3. Create a group ‘‘jive’’

  4. Create a userid of ‘‘jive’’ and set the home directory to ‘’/opt/jive’’, group jive

  5. Set the ‘‘jive’’ userid password

  6. login as ‘‘jive’’ and untar the messenger tar archive into home dir.

  7. Create a symbolic link from the new messenger directory to ‘‘messenger’’

  8. Still as ‘‘jive’’, use vi (or whatever you like) to edit a new .profile that exports JAVA_HOME as ‘’/usr/java/jre- directory

  9. There are some errors in the archive

  10. Someone was using a windows editor on the unix jive startup script. This text file is screwed up and will genereate strange parser errors if you try to execute it. What you need to do is change all the DOS/Windows end-of-line characters in the file to unix standard (CR/LF to LF).

To do this, use ‘‘vi’’ to edit the messenger.sh file in the $INSTALL/bin directory.

vi ./bin/messenger.sh

Type the following vi command:

‘‘set ff=unix’’

Save and quit

  1. The permissions on $INSTALL/bin/messenger.sh are also wrong. You need to enable execute mode for at least the ‘‘jive’’ user. Type the following as the jive user:

chmod +x ./bin/messenger.sh

  1. The messenger startup script is kind of wierd. Don’‘t let it guess the location of the various directories (because it’'s not very good at it).

So, edit the .profile script in the ‘‘jive’’ user home directory. Add the following line:

export MESSENGER_HOME = /opt/messenger

Now you should be able to start jive messenger by:

./messenger.sh start &

You should be able to log out of the ‘‘jive’’ userid now.

  1. Admin your server by connecting to the messenger server with the following URL: http://:9090

Since the admin interface is running non-SSL, you should probably only run the browser from the machine where the server is running. Maybe someone in the messenger community can document how to run the admin interface through SSL.

  1. Login as ‘‘admin’’. In the instructions I was reading the default ‘‘admin’’ password was omitted. I guessed correctly that it was ‘‘admin’’.

  2. If I can guess what the admin password is, so can anyone. Login and change the admin password to something hard to guess.

Like I said, these are just notes I made as a first time installer. Some may reflect that I didn’'t completely read all the docs.

Hope this helps someone

Jim Burnes