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Jive messenger

I installed Jive messenger.and it works

I wanna use msn messenger transport like jabber.

Can Jive messenger use transport funcion?

If you know about that, tell me how to setting.

I don’‘t believe at this time that transports are supported. The ability to use plugins is fairly recent so it’'s probably only a matter of time before someone starts looking at additional transports though.

One of the Dev’'s can probably give you a better more infrormed response though.

Hi Kasa,

Just to expand a little bit on what Toetag said, currently there are no transports available for Messenger primarily because it does not have support for external components. Support for external components will be part of the 2.2 release of Messenger.

Hope that helps,


Thank you for reply.

I hope that I’'ll be able to use some transports on new version of jive messenger.