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Jive on Debian, clients can message but no status

I’‘ve got the Jive server on Debian, configured such that the internal LAN IP is the server name. I’'ve got a couple of Spark clients on WinXP machines. The clients can login successfully, and can show up as logged in in the user manager, but when I try to add them as contacts, it shows up as “pending” forever. Curiously, when I double-click the “pending” contact and send an IM, it gives the warning that the other user is offline, but the other user receives the message right away. When trying and failing to add contacts, no errors, warnings, or debug messages are logged. Weird, huh?

Any suggestions as to what’'s going on and how to fix it?

Hi PusherRobot,

I would wait until tomorrow for the new release of Spark to see if it fixes your issue. There were many, many improvements and fixes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1, so hopefully this will solve your problems.



Thanks, will do.

Hi PusherRobot,

Would you like to try the latest build using Java Web Start? If so, let me know.