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Jive server memory usage seems excessive

We’‘ve been using Jive server on our production Windows 2000 server for a couple of months now and we’'re very happy with it - except for one thing. It seems to use a lot of memory, both physical and virtual. Here are the biggest memory consumers on the server (in KB):

Apache 2.x - physical: 46,680; virtual: 350,652

Jive server 2.2.2 - physical: 50,248; virtual: 329,548

MySQL 4.0.x - physical: 47,888; virtual: 107,588

We have about 20 Jive users, while the Apache and MySQL servers provide for an entire university campus of around 20,000 users.

I realize it’‘s not fair to compare Jive with Apache and MySQL, but it puts things into perspective. It’'s harder to justify a messaging server than a web or database server, especially if its resource use is so high.

Thanks for any info,


Have you attempted to modify the memory settings for the JVM at all?

Jive Messenger will run with very little memory, but like all java apps it depends on the JVM configuration. The more memory you give the JVM, the more it will use. This is because the garbage collection will not be forced to run often enough.

There are other threads on the forums describing how to tweak the JVM settings.

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Limiting the memory usage as Conor suggests is your best bet. By default, Java will suck up a fair amount of memory if it’'s there so that it can run as fast as possible. That makes sense for larger installations, but not 20 users, as in your case.