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Jive Server Messenger/Asterisk IM and Jabber Server Integration

Dear Developers,

First of all thank you for ‘‘finally’’ developing a IM - Asterisk gateway.

I’'m a long term user of the Jabber platform and have several Jabber servers with a number of pluggins to give our technical group access to IM services provided by other IM providers.

I also have a separate Jabber server that is used by a client. The client has access to our server and we have access to the client server and can preform searches against their Jabber User Directory and then can preform lookups against ours.

Is it possible to setup communication with a Jabber server so that I can move a group of users over to a Jive Server and allow them to still have access to all their contacts on the jabber server?

Thanks and Regards

Shad Mortazavi

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Your users on Jive Messenger will be able to communicate with their contacts on other servers, but I’'m not sure how well the actual roster entries will transfer over. I would recommend taking a look at user import plugin.

Any reason you can’'t switch everyone over to Jive Messenger?



Hi Matt,

At this stage I’'m testing; interoperability is important while I show the VoIP feature to people. However at a later stage I would be looking at moving some of the staff to Jive Server if the tests work out.

Can I use my existing Jabber pluggins for MSN, AOL, ICQ etc?

Warm Regards



Can I use my existing Jabber pluggins for MSN, AOL,

ICQ etc?

Yep, they should mostly work fine. There are many threads that discuss how to make the transports work.