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Jive + Tipic VOIP/Video?

Is Jive planning on implementing Video/VoIP into the Jive Messenger? I really love Jive’'s software, but a project I have coming up requires Video/Audio chat.

If not, please help point me into the correct direction.

Thank you.

I am also willing to pay for this/similar integration.

I am looking only for an open source product so my team can modify the application as needed.


We’‘re definitely interested in adding this functionality to the server as well as to Spark. The upcoming “Jingle” protocol being created by the Jabber Software Foundation will be the best option for implementing this. It’'s very close to the protocol in Google Talk.

Depending on your time frame, we’‘d definitely be interested in working with you on this feature. Please send me an email (viewable in my profile) if you’'d like to discuss privately.

Best Regards,



now none open source IM product seem support Video,but this is a solved method about Tipic Inc’'s video product.it is necessary youself integrate to your IM.this is addresshttp://www.tipic.com/taxonomy/view/or/29



Have you seen Neos MT? Take a look at http://www.neosmt.com/eng/index.php.

Neos can initiate audio and video (H323) via jabber. Both users must run Neos to used the audio/video feature (as far as I know anyway).


Thank you for the response Matt. I will certainly e-mail you to communicate further.

Also, thank you for your responses Tangzhen and Johjar They were both helpful in us moving in the right direction.

Hi seventhman

I am also interested in Voice integration with Wildfire.

I was involved in the past in implementing a VoIP systems.

I would like to share efforts to get wildfire supporting VoIP.