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Jive with Centova

I have Jive Messenger installed with the HSQLDB on a RH Linux server. I have also got Centova as my front-end web based chat client but I cant get Centova to communicate with Jive. I have to create a username in both Centova and Jive and I have done so, with no luck. Any ideas?

Hey saleinhalifax,

I never used Centova but is it possible to open a traffic window so you can get the sent and received XML from the server? Please, post that information if it’‘s available in your client. We would need to get that information or any error that you are seeing to figure out what’'s going on. You can also check the log files located in the logs folder under the messenger home folder. Paste any relevant error you see in the error.log or any other log file.


– Gato