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Jive wont Bind to any Ports

I’'ve tried using Jre 1.5.0_04 and 1.5.0_05, the first time I ran it (which was under 04) i was able to set it up, and it asked me to restart it, so I stopped it, started it and since then it will not bind ot a socket, even fulling removing the directory and re-extracting does not change this.

Doesnt seem like it stays runnings because i’'ve ran ‘‘ps auxww’’ and it doesnt seem to stay there.

Any idea’'s?

Also tried changing which ports the admin ports come up on but it doesnt seem to change itself.

All log files are empty except for Jive Messenger Started/Stopped.

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running with ‘‘java -jar startup.jar’’ seems to make it work, jsut have this running in a screen session now…