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jiveID table and idType values

Hi Guys

I’ve had a dig around and can’t find anything that tells me what the values mean for the ‘idType’ field in the jiveID table - does anyone have a definitive list of what they are ? LG suggested I try the Dev forum.

I currently have ‘idType’ values of 18 and 19 whose corresponding ‘id’ field values are quite high so I’m assuming these are something to do with roster group ID’s.

I would like to understand what the various entries are in the jiveID table as I would like to delete some of the entries from the offline message table for users that have long since been deleted but don’t want to mess anything up.


Further to the above, I have discovered that the following values appear to apply as below:

19 is offline message storage in jiveOffline table.

23 is for MUC room numbering used in mucRoom and mucMember