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I’‘ve noticed that no rows get added to this table during operation of the server. I’'m interested in storing user-specific properties…is there anyway I can have them stored in this table? Or do I have to wait for plug-in support?



User properties is a server-side tool for storing information related to users. We intend this to be used by server plug-ins to customize the server behavior. If you have something specific in mind right now, we might be able to figure out a way to give you access to this feature.

From the client side, you should use the iq:private protocols to store user data. We have this protocol turned off right now because we haven’‘t decided how to handle security and resource constraints (private storage quotas). I can make this a higher priority if it’'s a feature you want to use.

Yeah, storing user properties in some way is something we definitely would like to be able to do. It’'s not needed for my demo, but for when we actually release the product.


Great. You will have access to both server-side (user properties) and client-side (iq private) by then.