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JM 2.3.0 / AD and presence / groups

I put JM on ice since a version or two ago–between being busy and issues with presence and group sharing when using AD for authentication and user / group management. I decided to revisit JM w/version 2.3.0 and I am also trying out the new Spark 1.0 client. All in all the product is really progressing quite well and the addition of a client for the JM server is just fantastic.

However, it still appears that there is a major issue with presence when using AD for auth / users / groups, and it still seems you have to restart the server to make changes take affect (adjusting group membership, adding users, deleting users). This is still a show stopper for our organization and is preventing us from changing over to the JM solution.

Am I just doing something wrong and this has really been fixed? Or is this still an actual issue that has never been addressed? Will it ever be able to be fixed?

Thanks for the information and keep up the good work on the product.