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JM 2.3.0, Spark, and LDAP - user names w/ spaces?

First off a big THANK YOU. Jive rules. I am seriously digging Spark too.

So I have JM 2.3.0 up, authenticating vs LDAP and that seems to be working fine. I am using Spark as the client. My problem is that when I login using credentials with spaces in the user names, they login and authenticate fine but cant message each other. They can broadcast to an entire group, but not message anyone directly.

Here is my LDAP config for JM:

which did not seem to change anything at all…



Sorry, but I am really stuck with this and could seriously use some help.

Does anyone know if you can have spaces in user names when authenticating vs LDAP? It allows users to login, add other users, shows presence, search, use confrence features but not directly message other users.

Please let me know! Thanks