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JM 2.3.1 Bug

2.3.1 seems to display AD Groups via LDAP in client rosters now but it now it doesnt display all our AD groups. Seems to be skipping the groups that have more than 30 or so users in them or maybe just randomly selecting groups. They dont show up in the Web admin or the client. In 2.3.0 they would at least show in the Web Admin just not the client. Anybody else seen this?

Poppa Smurf

Poppa Smurf,

I can’‘t think of any changes in 2.3.1 that would cause this. However, please let us know if you’'re able to narrow down what is causing the behavior at all.



Well, I had some user and group filters configured that have worked every since Group support was introduced. I upgraded to 2.3.1 and the same filter no longer worked. It skipped some groups that should/used to show up in the Web Admin. Here are my old filters.

Matt, I changed my search filters to the following:

This does display all the correct users but it only displays 8 groups in the Web admin Group Summary list but it says “Total Groups: 15” on the Group Summary screen, which is the correct number of groups that SHOULD be displayed. This sounds like something you all worked on a while ago and fixed.