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JM->Wildfire renaming omission

There’'s a small error in the wildfired script. The commented part of the script tell us the script is looking in these default directories: /opt/jive_wildfire, then /usr/local/jive_wildfire

  1. If this is not set the script will look for /opt/jive_wildfire, then /usr/local/jive_wildfire


The if-routine itself looks in other directories ( ‘‘jive_’’ is missing )

if ; then

if [ -d “/opt/wildfire” ]; then


elif [ -d “/usr/local/wildfire” ]; then



echo “Could not find Wildfire installation under /opt or /usr/local”

echo “Please specify the Wildfire installation location in environment variable WILDFIRE_HOME”

exit 1




I guess someone search replaced messenger->wildfire instead of jive_messenger->wildfire

It doesn’'t break the script, but could cause a little confusion.

Also, wildfired tries to execute /bin/wildfire - that doesn’'t exist. /bin/wildfire.sh does.

Well, whilest on the subject:

The wildfired script doesn’‘t seem to handle the start/stop attributes correctly. ‘‘Start’’ does indeed start a server (but won’‘t return to prompt, I got around that by adding an ampersand after execution of the command), but ‘‘stop’’ doesn’'t stop the server. In contrast: it tries to start yet another server.