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JMF Webcam and Jabber Client


Wooden Fish Messenger has added support for Webcam though JMF performance pack. Right now, the image snapshots are transmitted though regular Chat channel as a “snapshot” object. In order not to flood the chat channel and public Jabber server, the image transmission has been limited to one frame for each two seconds. Please check it out and share your experience here.


The short term goal is to be able to negotiate a Webcam channel through RTP even behind firewall. Can this be done effectively? If you have studies this topic, please share your experience.

The new OSX video conferencing features in iChat looks really nice and it can be accomplished using Java3D and put the streaming video as the dynamic texture. The prototype looks very promising. If there are enough interests on this feature, I might be able to spend some time on it.

By the way, Wooden Fish Messenger is also configured to install JMF performance pack for Linux (x86), since I don’t have a webcam that actually works under Linux (Redhat 9), so I have no idea if capturing image under Linux works or not!

– Scott

A good place to look might be JEP-0095, though smack does not currently support Stream Initiation its not terribly difficult to write the providers (I just did it). You could use the SOCKS5 byte stream to setup the transfer (this works behind firewalls with a compliant server, messenger won’'t suffice in this case). And then transmit the data via that stream.

Hi AWenckus,

Thanks for your comments! There are related JEPs to support file transfer(JEP-96, JEP-47 and JEP-65) and streaming (JEP-95). It seems to me that SMACK is going to support JEP-47 in the very near future? (Matt, Gato any comment?) Hopefully, it won’'t take too long to have these JEPs implemented!

– Scott