Join a IRC Channel by IRC Gateway with Pidgin

Hi guys,

i try to join a IRC channel via the IRC gateway and Pidgin. I’m online and people can query me and all its ok. Now i try to join a IRC channel via the gateway. What are the configurations i have to use?

I tried with “Room: #bla, Server:”, “Room, Server” and much much more… Last time i was succesful after 20 minutes probing… but now i can’t find the right configurations…

Can you help me?

Well first things first — have you registered with the irc transport? You have to register with the irc transport and log in first before you can join channels.


how i’ve written i’m online and people can query me.

Ok you should be able to just join like:



(I wasn’t sure if you’d tried that particular combination before)

Do you have debug logs enabled in Openfire? You should be able to see the precise communication between the irc server and the transport in the logs.

Ok, was right., not =)

Was that an indication that you got it working or?

Oh, right.

I’m testing Openfire and Pidgin at the moment, came from ejabberd and Gajim. In ejabberd the gateways and transports works with % and other delimiters. So i tried a lot with delimiters but not with other domain names. Works for me now.

I’m confused, where do I type these commands in? When I login to the IRC server( thru the Gateway, I get a msg from the user NickServ. Anything I type in that window goes as a privmsg to that user. How do I join channels?


hehehe everyone wants the plugin to act like an IRC client. It’s not an IRC client. You join channels like you do any other XMPP channel. Choose join room/channel/whatever the phrasing it uses in your client, join ninjas with conference server In this case, with IRC, it would be more like join room #ninjas and conference server

I’ve actually never used IRC before(paint me n00b I suppose), so I’m just trying to understand how this works. I’m using Spark as my IM client, and I’ve successfully signed onto the IRC server. All I know from here is the channel name, but I can’t seem to use that to join an existing room or add a buddy. All the info I can find from the IRC server’s website is commands to plug into your favorite IRC client(ie mIRC etc). So, like I said, I’m thoroughly confused.


You can not add IRC users as a contact/buddie. In my case i use it that people from IRC can query me and sometimes to take a look at a channel. Most featuers from IRC don’t work with transports, so it’s better to use a real IRC client and connect direct. But for some little tasks it’s ok.

In Pidgin (that’s an client like Spark, just for multiple protocols) you can join the IRC channels like you join a MUC but use instead of and a irc room name (# or ##, etc…) (look at the posts above). I doesn’t know how it’s called by Spark but it should work like Pidgin, just with another term.

What? You can to add people as buddies! =) It stores your list of buddies locally in Openfire and uses ISON to see if they’re online. (basically the same thing some other IRC clients so, like Colloquy) It doesn’t make use of the … what is it… I forget from my old IRC days … something like WHO + nickname. Something that asks the server to tell you when people come online.

So just to clarify, is joining IRC Channels not available in Spark? I was able to add an IRC user as a buddy, so I can verify that this does work in Spark.


In Spark, you would go to the conferences tab, “add a new conference server”, add (whatever that may be on your server), and — somewhere there’s a join room button. Might be right click on the server itself. I don’t provide a list of all rooms available back because most irc servies are overbearing on that front. You -can- enable that if you want though. Just be forewarned that if there are thousands returned, your client is not going to be happy. If you are connecting to a small internal IRC server, it’s probably quite safe. (it’s one of the openfire admin console options for the irc transport)

Thanks Jade! I was able to figure it out from that. First I had to turn on MUC room list in the options for the IM gateway on the Openfire server, then in Spark, click the Conferences tab(which for some reason had visually escaped me all this time! I guess I don’t expect tabs on the bottom of a window) and right click conference.irc.servername(not sure if this was added when I turned on MUC room list, or if I inadvertantly created this in my toying with things yesterday, but either way there is an add button if the server is not listed) and choose Browse Service. When turning on the MUC room list, it warns that it may temporarily lock clients if attaching to a high volume IRC server(which it was) so the list stayed unpopulated for a short time but then filled right up. Thanks guys, I think I got it from here.