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Join muc from other jabber servers

Hello, I can’t find option to allow users of other jabber servers to connect my openfire Public Chatrooms.

Sorry, 3 month left, but I did’nt take any answer. If this is impossible, just tell me that.

Hi “tot-to”,

Are other jabber servers able to connect to yours over port 5269 (server 2 server)?


Conversations with users of other service is possible

I attached screenshot of service discovery window in psi, observed by jid in public server jabber.ru

I can see muc service, but can’t connect to it.


I am not exactly certain what you are asking. Psi is unable to join your MUC Chatroom when you specify a valid room name and the conference service?


Do you configure the DNS for your conference service (e.g. is conference.yourdomain.lt resolvable)?

Thank you. My problem is absence of dns name conference.domain.com

Also, I don’t have an administrative access to dns servers of my domain

Is this mean, that I can’t to create muc service on my domain?


I am probably wrong, but I do not think DNS has to resolve the conference service. If that resolution fails, the jabber service code will go up the FQDN and try the next name… conference.example.com will fail, then try example.com looking for the conference service.


Ok. My domain is vega.phys.msu.ru, you can try to connect muc yourself.

May be if conference.vega.phys.msu.ru resolution fails, jabber will go direct to msu.ru ?


I think Openfire act like this (if conference.example.com fails try example.com) but in my opinion this is not XMPP compliant and other servers have a different behavior. In Server Rules for Handling XML Stanzas the RFC don’t differs between server or component domains and don’t describe any recursive procedure for DNS lookups. I think the recursive lookup might leed to a security risk if you don’t trust your higher-level domain but thats another topic.