Joining GroupChat

String theRoom = evID + "@

it truncates part of room name that comes before “@”… why is this… I get an Exception when trying to connection user to GroupChat… (it says ‘‘no response from server’’, but I AM connected to server… I have some code there to test:

if (conn != null) {

System.out.println("connected to " + server); // etc…

immediately after this code I try to connect user to GroupChat but get “no response from server” error…)

would very much appreciate some help… thank you very much…

my question about why it truncates first part of GroupChat name is moot, I had done sthg wrong when decl’'g variable… (I can see in console that now full name of GrpChat gets sent.)

however: I fixed that and still get exact same error when trying to connect a user to GrpChat (“no response from server”…) even though I’‘m connected to server… (as mentioned, I do test, right before connecting user to GrpChat, that I’'m connected, just in case… (if (conn != null) { // etc…)

thank you very much…

Hey Kali,

It would help if you could post the sent and received XML packets when joining a MUC room. Since your post only says . For instance,


– Gato

thank you very much…


I don’‘t know which stream here among received streams has to do w/joining GrpChat… which is why I’'m sending everything (reg, log, etc…)

muchas gracias… (soy chilena…:slight_smile:

Hola Kali,

En tu perfil no vi que eras de Chile por lo que te saludé en ingles.

Look at the presence packet: . If you are just sending the presence to the servername (instead of the group chat service address) then the server will treat the presence packet as a message to another user instead of a presence packet sent to a room.


– Gato

gracias Gato… esto de ‘‘conference’’ confuses me…

address to a GrpChat is ALWAYS “roomName@conference.”? is this the same w/all jabber servers? is this what you meant?

(soy chilena, pero estoy en NYC, donde he estado muchos agnos…)

nuevamente muchas gracias…

Hola Kali,

Perdón por la confusión.

XMPP servers will route packets based on the domain of the packet’'s JID. That means that the server will use the information contained in the TO attribute of the packet, obtain the domain of the JID (i.e. get the piece of data after the @ and before the /) and deliver the packet to the specified domain.

So if the domain of the TO address is .

Since the group chat service address may vary between server installations, clients usually try to discover the address of the group chat service and then use that information to send packets. For more information you can read the url= specification[/url].


– Gato

gracias Gato… what happens now is with this address for GroupChat,


I get a 502 error (can’'t resolve domain…)

w/o “conference” in GrpChat name I get a “no response from server” error… not sure what more to try… once again, muchas gracias…