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JSJaC Help! (Share your ideas and experience)

Hello friends,
I am very new to xmpp/jabber tech.I done few things like installing openfire
configure apache with openfire every thing works fine

Now i have to develop news feed app based on pubsub sevice
for this i selected JSJaC as my library to communicate with the openfire

I started looking over to the Library i tried to use some classes and its methods to implement the pubsub service

i want to send a IQ packet i am able to do basic iq packet

it works f9 and received the result back from server…
now i want do buld advance packets my putting child elements inside
to create nodes,publish items
but this time i am unable to build the iq packets

i tried differnt methods like buldNode,appendNode etc…
that dont work for me

so i build pure raw xml packet and tried to send that packet

Packet to crear collection node:
con.sendIQ("<iq type=‘get’"

but i am getting this Error: iq.pType is not a function

Guys if you know how to do this please send me your solutions

And also tell me your own ideas to create nodes, publish items, subscribing to the nodes using JSJaC Library

Thanks in advance

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