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JSXC Openfire plugin updated to version 4.2.1!

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the immediate availability of a an update to the JSXC plugin for Openfire, that makes available the JSXC web client to your users!

JSXC is a feature rich web client, which, among others, supports video calls and screen sharing. For more information on its features and usage, please visit its project web page at https://www.jsxc.org

This release updates the version of JSXC that was used from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1. The release note for that version can be found at the JSXC release page.

Your instance of Openfire should automatically display the availability of the update in the next few hours. Alternatively, you can download the the plugin directly from the JSXC plugin archive page.

As always, we’d love your feedback on our work! Stop by our support groupchat to get in touch, or leave a message on our community site.

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