July 11th and 12th, 2016 -> Development sprint on Openfire Meetings in London, UK

@Marc Laporte Jun 1, 2016 9:50 AM

Dele, Guus and myself will be in London for a brainstorming and development sprint on Openfire Meetings.

This is in the context of Openfire Meetings within WikiSuite, and we will make improvements, useful to all the community (even if you don’t use the Openfire Meetings plugin nor WikiSuite)

Here are some examples of things we could be working on: WikiSuite | Openfire Meeting and Jitsi Meet development

If interested in participating, please contact me.

Best regards,

M :wink:


Hi Marc! I’m interested… what would be the time zone?

Hi Esteban!

London is on BST (British Summer Time) UTC/GMT +1 hour. Most of the event will be in person. The schedule is not out yet, but we will have at least one online meeting.

Location: the offices of Surevine, in London, UK -> Surevine South Bank Hub, WeWork, 22 Upperground, London SE1 9PD Yes, the same folks that are nicely providing financial and logistical support to our community.

It looks like we will be a dozen participants. @Everyone: please do confirm your physical presence to me by email so I can make sure we get enough space for everyone.

More information will be added here as it becomes available / confirmed.

Best regards,

Marc Laporte

A few more things:

There will be free beer and a ping-pong table

Consider yourself challenged :slight_smile:

Schedule: Monday July 11th and Tuesday 12th, 2016 10AM to 5PM

22 Upperground, London SE1 9PD