Just does not work



I loaded openfire 3.6.0 on server

and tried to connect use spark 2.5

keeps telling me user name or password are wrong

using actualy ip of server as host

can only connect to the server browers http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9190 is on the thing that works from remote to server.

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


You need to provide more information.

  1. Openfire server OS
  2. Spark OS
  3. Server firewalls
  4. LDAP
  5. etc, etc

The more info the better.

Are you trying to login without creating an accont first? On the Spark login screen you can see “Accounts” button. You can create a new account on the server there. If inbaund registration is enabled in the server settings. Or you can first create an account in the server’s Administration Console.

The openfire OS in windows 2003 server r2

Spark OS in windows XP

Standard windows firewall with ports open per the install document, this is a closed server with no open access to the outside

LDAP - do not use, is this a requirement

There is nothing else


Steven Goldberg