Jwchat + Http-Bind + Apache + SSL advice needed

Hello people!

Could you explain how to configure the Apache to let the Jwchat to communicate with ssl http-bind port?

I’m not strong in Apache and haven’t find any helpfull material on this topic.

I have the following configuration (all works fine):

Openfire 3.4.1

8080 port for non ssl binding

Apache 2.2.6

 RewriteRule http-bind/ http://localhost:8080/http-bind/ [P]

Thank a lot!!!

I decided that the only way to secure the connection between user and http-bind is enabling mod_ssl on Apache.

Now my JWChat runs under HTTPS and Apache proxies requests to normal http-bind port.

The problem is that mod_proxy does not support SSL. You can only do the following:

User <==HTTPS==> Apache <==HTTP==> Openfire

Edit: as you did already