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JWChat not peforming Phone Presence in a usable manner

Jwchat 1.0b2 with JabberHTTPBind

(With IIS 6 - Tomcat 5.5.9 - Jakarta ISAPI Redirector 2.04)

Jive Messsenger 2.3.0

Asterisk-IM 1.0

Not sure if JWChat supports Asterisk-IM (or vice versa), or if this question would be more suited for a JWChat forum, but I’‘ll start here if that’'s okay. Has anyone else experienced this?

1 - From within the JWChat client, other users only show as “On The Phone” when they are calling the person on JWChat. In other words, Contacts in JWChat do not show a change in presence if that contact picks up the phone and calls someone else entirely. Phone presence information and call alerts display/work as expected between two users on ‘‘traditional’’ clients such as Trillian, Spark, etc.

2 - JWChat shows an ‘‘Unfiled’’ group, with a user called “phone.servername.com” (where servername.com is the Jabber server name of course) for both incoming and outbound calls

3 - The call notification pop up window says only “Null” in IE, in Firefox it actually is just blank (null). On the other clients I mentioned in #1, the call alert windows work as expected for both outbound and inbound calls - showing the extension and caller ID and a brief description like “Inbound call from XXX”

These three issues have remained the same even when running earlier versions of Jive and Asterisk-IM.

Hey scratchrf,

AFAIK, JWChat does not support the asterisk-im extensions described in this url=-http://svn.jivesoftware.org/svn/repos/asterisk-im/trunk/documentation/phone _jep.htmlproto-JEP[/url]. You may want to contact JWChat’'s developers asking them to add support for this integration.


– Gato