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JWChat/red5 Plugin killed ICQ contact list

Today i tested the JWChat/red5 plugin. But it killed the whole ICQ contactlist and moved all msn contacts to a non existent group.

Wildfire 3.2.2, gatewary beta 7. red5 plugin 0.3

blink What “changed” before it was working fine and wasn’'t working? (like did you just start using jwchat or red5 or ?) Or had you not been using it before? What exactly does red5 do anyway?

Normaly i use psi, and if i use psi and start whil i’'m loggind in in psi JWCHat (from the red5 plugin) everything is ok.

But yesterday i tested JWChat as the only connected client. I just logged in and out. On the next login with psi the icq contactlist was killed and all msn contacts was moved to another group.

You can download red5 here from the beta plugin page. Its JWChat with a Audio/Video streaming plugin.

JWChat is not completely Wildfire compatible especially the IM Gateway as it was originally written for ejabberd a while back. As part of the work I am doing on the Red5 audio/video, I am fixing some of the issues I spotted.

Thanks for identifying a new one.


An update was released:

“0.0.4 - 21st Feburary 2007”

JWChat5 now works with IM gateway plugin

So maybe give that a try.

I suspect it will do the same thing. In version 0.0.3 it could not deal with the IM Gateway’'s generated JIDs because of “@” http escape problems at different points in the code. This has been fixed in 0.0.4, but there is more work to be done before it looks and works properly.

I use it with my MSN account and that works for me apart from the escaped “@” character. We need someone else to test and reports problems with other accounts.


Clearly I’‘d like to see this fixed the right way (ie, jwchat and such should properly support jid escaping/XEP-0106), but in the meantime I’'ll give you a little hint. ;D Go here: http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/Wildfire+Properties

and do a search for percenthack ;D

I don’‘t know if any of y’'all in this thread are developers for JWCHAT or red5, but if so… I noticed something … interesting just a second ago.

Little background. Some of the Jive folk brought up that replacing @ with % is a weird hack. I responded that it’‘s been done like that for a while now, but then I went to do some research, including asking around on the … I think standards-jig list. Turns out the % hack is something from back in early email days and was never anything official in the XMPP world. After talking with Peter St. Andre, he expressed that I should go with JID escaping, not the % hack, and with the agreement of a few others, I went with what there’'s actually an XEP for.

So today I noticed, upon posting that link, that the friggin XEP is in -DRAFT-. Sigh. No wonder more folk haven’‘t implemented support for it. So I’'m going to try to encourage it to get upgraded to past draft instead of just sitting there.

Hi Daniel,

I am the developer for the red5 plugin. I suppose I have also become responsible for JWChat5 a fork of JWChat as I have embedded it in the plugin.

Thanks for the pointer to the Wildfire properties. Just released I have to rename my properties to plugin.red5.

In the next version, I will check for the percenthack propertie first and then escape accordingly.